How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

At the time of preparing for a move, one of the crucial thought is How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving.

In this content, you’ll have the most helpful moving tips and hacks for your future relocation reference. Whether you’re hiring the proficient packers and movers or professionals or doing it yourself, your costly furniture often needs to be packed and handled with care at the time of shifting.

After arrival at your new home, you must wish the heaviest and costly items to be free from damage. Without precautions and care, the costly wood furniture can be grooved, upholstery can be scratched, and glass can be broken. You must aware of how to prepare furniture when moving before the packers start the packing process.

Significant House Moving Packing Tips

Following are some important moving house packing tips for your ready reference.

Gather Packing Supplies for moving heavy items and furniture

It’s a traditional myth that all you have to pack and guard your household belongings with the use of some cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrapping cover, and moving blankets. While these packing items will be in use, spending time and money in finding a few more packing materials will ensure the protected packing and shifting of your household items and furniture to a new home or office.

Important Packing materials

You can ask your packers and movers to bring the following materials with them along with supporting bill or they can include the cost in a single bill if they have the following items in their store.

  • Bubble Wrap cover
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Covers for Sofa and mattress
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets

Prep Furniture for Packing

Since most of the furniture, are costly and heavy, before packing the furniture, clean and wipe out dust from your furniture thoroughly. Remove out any casters, knobs, or pulls, drawers if any from your furniture. This allows you some more storage space while moving heavy furniture to the truck. Throughout the cleaning of the furniture, you can avoid unnecessary filth into your new home.

Disassemble the Furniture in Advance

It’s a wise idea to disassemble your furniture absolutely like removal of legs from tables and couches if possible so that it’ll be much easier to pack and carry in the truck within small space. Also, you need to separate bed frames, remove cushions, and other things to have safe packing and moving purposes. Within the required space, large size master beds could be placed for cost-saving shifting purposes. But, don’t forget to follow the user manual to disassemble furniture properly. Mark each packed lot with a marker about parts of furniture for easier unpacking purposes.

Place screws, nuts, and bolts inside labelled plastic baggies

You’re advised to use sealable plastic bags to carry the screws, nuts, bolts, and other mini hardware for each part of the furniture. Tape the plastic bag securely to the respective packed items not to lose any hardware. It’s a better idea to leave the task of packing a person to disassemble everything and packing in a proper way.

Learn How to Wrap Furniture Correctly

Here, you’ll know how to wrap wood furniture for moving securely throughout your relocation process. If you want DIY moving tips, use Bubble wrap, foam, and plastic sheets for safe and secured packing purposes. Bubble Wrap is an ideal packing material for packing glass tabletops, mirrors, and other glass materials for solid protection purposes and then put the packed item within two sheets of corrugated cardboard.

Also, bubble wrap is used to pack sensitive wood pieces securely and plastic wrap is used for the packing of the plastic sofa and upholstered items. Here, also put all the packed items within two corrugated cardboard sheets.

Have a Placement Plan

You need to plan for the systematic placement of items in trucks for an easier and safety carriage purpose. In this matter, the drivers or professionals have a better idea to place the items in the proper sequence. First, large boxes will be settled to the wall of the truck and then smaller boxes will be settled. And, the rest of the things will be settled at the right place, so that no chance of scratching and damage could be organized.

Explore valuation coverage and insurance options

Take precaution in advance for any large damage or damage of costly items, by initiating an insurance coverage plan. You could feel yourself little bit relax with advance provision. The damage may be occurred due to accidents or mistakes of loading and unloading team or any fire case. If you have high-value furniture, it’s a wise idea to sign in an insurance policy for secured provision.

Use special moving equipment for heavy furniture

You’re advised not to move heavy furniture by yourself. For movement or lifting of heavy furniture, it’s always advised to take the assistance of tools or labor, so the chance of breakage or damage will be less.

The larger size furniture pieces such as pianos, heavy chairs, and pool tables need some additional equipment like a dolly or hand truck, trailer, moving straps, and skid board.

Rent a moving truck/container with tie-downs and a ramp

You might rent a moving truck or container from your nearby city or can hire Packers and movers Company by handing over the entire responsibility to them. Your stress will be lowering down a lot.

Use furniture gliders, cardboard or towels to move furniture

In case you have hardwood floors, you need to use gliders, towels, felt pads, or cardboard underneath the legs of the heavy furniture. This approach prevents scratching your floors and furniture parts at the time of moving from/to the home.

Clear doorways

After loading or unloading the furniture and other items, it’s often advised to clear clutters from the doorways.

Hope, the readers could have a solid idea about the protection of furniture and other items at the time of shifting. You must know How to Pack Furniture For Moving of the complete house within Bangalore or other regions.