21 Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home For The First Time

21 Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home For The First Time

Moving into a new house is both exciting and exhausting at the same time. However, moving into a new home can be a 100% pleasurable experience if you have a ready ‘moving checklist’ in hand. This blog will help you in planning your house moving in an organized way. Having a handy ‘moving into first house checklist’ will ensure that you have a hassle free moving in, whilst enjoying every moment of the shifting process.

Here is a list of a few things to do after moving into a new house:

1. Inspect delivered boxes: Once all your home essentials have been shifted to your new home, you must tally the number of delivered boxes with the number of packed boxes. You must also tally the items in each box with your ‘new home essentials checklist’. This will ensure that you don’t suffer a loss of your belongings.

2. Deep clean your new house: We have a few tips for you on how to clean a new home. Firstly, dust off the ceilings and windows thoroughly. Secondly, disinfect the toilets. Thirdly, scrub off the greasy oil stains from the kitchen. Finally, sweep the entire house and mop it with a hygienic and pleasant smelling floor cleaner. Following these ‘cleaning tips after moving into a new house’ will ensure that your new home is ready to welcome you.

3. Unpack essentials: Open the delivered boxes segregate the items as per the rooms they have to go into and start arranging your stuff room wise into the desired cupboard, rack or area.

4. Inspect your house thoroughly: Check for any visible signs of damage in your new home. You must make a note of any kind of correction needed on electric, plumbing, painting or carpentry front and get it rectified at the earliest.

5. Locate fuse box and Main water valve: You must find out where the main water valve and circuit breaker box is located. This will be of great help in case of an unforeseen emergency where you are required to disconnect the water/current supply.

6. Check for leaking taps and pipes: Inspect the house and check for clogged drains, dripping faucets, trickling toilets and damaged sink drain pipes. Get all plumbing issues fixed by a plumber at the earliest.

7. Secure your new home: Make sure that all your windows and doors close properly. Change locks of all outside doors to make sure that only your family has access to your new home. Install smoke detectors, fire extinguisher and burglar alarms wherever necessary. Keep well equipped first aid kits handy at all times.

8. Take care of the creepy-crawlies: Get rid of termites, insects, cockroaches, spiders, lizards and rats with pest control. You can do it yourself or get it done from a pest control agency.

9. Childproof your new home: If you have toddlers or kids, it’s important to childproof your new home. Make sure that your kids are safe by ensuring simple things like all electrical wires are properly secured, the floor is clean and dry, the main door is always closed and sharp items/tools are beyond their reach.

10. Plan the layout of all your rooms: First and foremost, you must decide which room will be the master bedroom, kids’ bedroom, study room or guest room. Then segregate all items room wise and start arranging them in the desired cupboard/rack/area.

11. Make sure your furniture fits: Take the dimensions of furniture pieces like dining table, sofa set, beds, study table, Centre table and corner tables and match it with the dimensions of the area where you wish to place them. This avoids the hassle of repositioning furniture.

12. Connect major appliances: Before connecting your appliances, it’s important to call an electrician for checking thewiring and earthing of the house, testing all plug points and upgrading to the latest voltage requirements.

13. Paint new colours for a fresh look: Repainting the walls or adding wallpapers is sure to give your new home a completely fresh look. You can decide on painting the walls of the entire house with the same colour or choose different colours for different rooms. It’s important to choose a wall colour that complements the furniture and décor in every room.

14. Think about the home décor: After arranging all home essentials, it’s a good idea to add décor to the house. To give your house an aesthetic appeal you can consider adding photo frames, showpieces, wall paintings, carpet and lighting.

15. Add curtains for better look and feel: Adding curtains to all windows is imperative to ensure that your home is your private space. However, apart from offering privacy, curtains complete the look of any room. Choose curtains of the right length, width, texture and colour scheme to make sure that your house looks appealing.

16. Make your home self-energy efficient: You can make your home energy efficient with solar panels. Installing solar panels will help you in utilizing natural solar energy to light up your entire house and run the water heater. This is an eco-friendlyoption that helps you save electricity bills in a great way.

17. Change your address: Register your new address with your bank, Company, insurance company and other important private or government institutions. Also, let your friends know about your new home address.

18. Find a good school for your child: It’s important to find a good school for your kid’s education. You can consult your friends or neighbours to decide on the best school for your child.

19. Find health care providers: Get to know the popular clinics, pharmacies and hospitals in your locality. Also, ask your friends or neighbours to suggest good doctors in the locality. This will prepare you in handling any small/big medical emergencies.

20. Register your vehicle: If you are moving into a new home in a different state, you must visit your local DMV office to register your vehicle and get your driver’s license transferred.

21. Greet your new neighbours: It’s important to know your vicinity well. Meeting and greeting neighbours is a great way to understand your neighbourhood. Having an amicable relationship with neighbours will help you settle down in the new environment really soon.

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