Don’t Make these Mistakes while Hiring a Relocation Agency

Are you going to shift your home to a different location? You would probably be looking for packers and movers in Bangalore. Don’t make a mistake while choosing packers and movers in Ramamurthynagar. We are throwing light on some of the basic mistakes that people make while choosing a relocation company. We’ve listed them out, so that you don’t make the same mistake.

Not doing appropriate market research

You’re probably short on time and need to shift immediately. So, what do you do? Just call up any packers and movers in Bangalore and give them the job. This is a big no-no. You should check out multiple companies to compare prices and offers provided by each relocation agency. This way, you can save on money and get the best services.

Forgetting insurance and undervaluing

If you are shifting expensive items or precious items, you need to make sure that the shifting is covered by insurance. Sometimes, movers and packers will tell you that there is no use in taking up the insurance or may ask you to undervalue the items to reduce the overhead costs. In case, any of the items are damaged during shifting, you will be able to claim for the damages only if you have paid the insurance.

Ignoring paperwork

In the hectic schedule before shifting, we tend to forget one basic thing – to do the paperwork. There are many relocation agencies that promise you one thing, but give you a different service. Plus, they may have hidden charges which were not discussed during your discussions. During such times, if you don’t have the papers, you will not be able to prove anything. So, it will always be better if you have a written contract with the relocation services provider.

Find out about the rates

Before you sign up for relocation services, talk to the packers and movers in Ramamurthynagar and get the breakup of the pricing. The relocation company may charge you for packing materials or for loading and unloading the items. Clear everything out before you start the shifting process.

To make your relocation seamless and hassle-free, ensure that you don’t make these basic mistakes. Take some time to do an advance research and booking. You may be able to save more money by booking for relocation services in advance.


Relocating Actually isn’t that Difficult

Relocating is considered a nightmare by the layman. They can be forgiven for such an assumption, as packing, segregating, transporting and reassembling household items seen quite daunting. But the truth on the contrary is when professionals are involved all those seeming daunting tasks, can be managed quite easily.

Mumbai being the commercial capital of India is massive and also to add to the fact Navi Mumbai is developing at a tremendous rate. This means that a large number of people continually migrate to either the suburbs or to the city.

Similarly Hyderabad due to the IT boom in India has expansive suburbs where people migrate to. This phenomenal development is assisted by the packers and movers in Mumbai and the Packers and movers in Hyderabad.

Services offered by packers and movers in Mumbai and Hyderabad cover every requirement of every client. Some Packers and movers in Hyderabad and Mumbai also have personal move managers for every client who coordinate the packing and moving

Regular shifting service

Initial survey

The two locations both the place of pick up and place of drop are visited and surveyed to laid down strategies of packing and moving and also foresee any logistics issues and come up with solutions. This enables efficiency and reduces chances of delays.

Packing and loading

Packing of the items to be transported is quite important as different items require different packing. Usually the company brings its own packing material and equipment and personal. Then the packed possessions are loaded into the vehicle used for transport. Then usually transit insurance is arranged.


Transportation is carried out by a fleet of lorries and trucks owned by the companies. The safe packing and proper driving ensures no breakage of possessions.

Unpacking and re-arrangement

After delivery to the required location unpacking is carried out and then the possessions are arranged in the new location as per the clients wish. This makes the place immediately usable for the client.


Companies offer storage facilities to store belongings when the owner moves on a long or short term basis. Usually the companies face liability for damage.

Special shifting service

Companies also offer shifting of bath tubs, pianos, vehicles on long distances.

So the best way to relocate to your new home, office or any other issue is to contact your nearest packers and movers, start shifting right away.

Hiring Packers and Movers – the Best Way to be relocated

Relocating is a quite nerve racking. The whole ordeal is different throughout, the packing, the transport, the unpacking and delivery. Coordinating all these processes properly is impossible for non-professionals, so professionals make sure that your shift into a new home, office or anything is smooth and easy.

Since Chennai and Hyderabad have become IT hubs, there has been quite a migration of IT professionals to the suburbs near the IT parks. This has brought in great business for Packers and movers in Chennai and for Packers and movers in Hyderabad.

There are many services offered by Packers and movers in Chennai and in Hyderabad.

Location survey

House survey is basically visiting both the locations prior to the operation date to make up packing and loading strategies, estimating the manpower and packaging requirements and other logistical issues.

Packing and loading

Usually professional packers and movers bring their own packing materials. The packing depends upon the properties of the item being transported. For example delicate items like TVs and other glass items will have protective packing compared to others such as furniture. Then insurance for transit will be arranged. The packages are also identified for proper handling and identification.


Packers and movers in Hyderabad and Chennai have their own fleet of trucks and lorries enabling seamless operation and to make sure that delivery is on time.

Unpacking and rearrangement

Unpacking of the items delivered is carried out, and then are rearranged as per the specifications laid down by the clients. So there will be no need for the clients to move their belongings by themselves.


Companies also offer storage on both long term and short term for items with protective liability for the clients per item.

Special shifting

Companies also offer special shifting services, for bath tubs, pianos, organs and other special belongings of the customers. Companies also offer shifting services for cars, bikes and other belongings for transportation along large distances.

So the best way to relocate to your new home, office or any other issue is to contact your nearest packers and movers, start shifting right away.