Best Places in Bangalore To Live Closer To Nature

Best Places in Bangalore To Live Closer To Nature

Bangalore, theITcityof India is surrounded by many significant places. Whether you are looking for an escape from the city life or a newcomer who has shifted to a new location recently with the help of packers and movers in Bangalore, there are localities with attractions that you must visit to enjoy the serenity and peace. Let’s look at some of the best places to live in Bangalore for nature lovers in this blog.


  1. Yelahanka New Town


Located in the north of Bangalore, Yelahanka New Town forms a part of greater Bangalore. It is at a height of about 915 metres (3000 feet) above mean sea level. Since this place is located at a higher altitude, it is lush green, offering pleasant weather year-round. You can experience lush green neighbourhoods, with forest, lakes and parks situated at this locality.


  1. Avalahalli Forest


Visiting this forest during the weekend makes you feel rejuvenating and relaxing. You can spend some quality time with your family in the lap of nature. The picturesque beauty and diverse flora and fauna will make you fall in love with this place. This forest will beckon you to explore its mysteries adding thrill and excitement. Enjoy the ambience as the light rays striking through eucalyptus trees, leaving you spellbound. If you love bird watching, you can easily spot peacocks, woodpeckers, eagles, kingfishers and more in this forest.


  • Distance – 7 Km
  • Things to do – Cycling, Trekking, Hiking, Bird-watching
  • Best time to visit – Early morning and sunset


  1. Puttenahalli Lake Bird Sanctuary


The Puttenahalli lake bird sanctuary is a 10-hectare water body near Yelahanka, which is located 14 km north of Bangalore. The biodiversity experts discovered almost 49 species of birds. More than 7000 birds can be sighted during the breeding season. You can also find rare species like Pelicans, Storks, Herons, etc.


  • Distance – 2 Km
  • Things to do – Bird-watching, Walking, Jogging
  • Best time to visit – Early mornings between 6:30 am and 9:30 am


  1. Fairly Dense Mixed Forest


This fairly dense mixed forest is an Agricultural College located inside the GKVK Campus. It’s an open jungle where you can spend a pleasant time with your family, away from the hustle-bustle of the city.


  • Distance – 3 Km (opposite Jakkur Layout)
  • Things to do – Walking, Jogging, Cycling, and Skating
  • Best time to visit – Any time of the day


  1. Sarjapur Road


As Sarjapur Road is one of the industrial areas in Anekal Taluk, it is a fast-developing locality with good connectivity to key IT cluster areas of Bangalore. It is one of the popular localities as it has all essential amenities from education to hospitals and markets to hang-out places. Surrounded by trees everywhere, Sarjapur Road will beckon you to enjoy its serenity.


  1. Iblur Park and Lake


After a few long years, Iblur Lake is set to get a face-lift, regaining lost beauty. Take a stroll near the lake and unwind yourself from the bustling crowd of the city. The lush-green park is well maintained so you can take a long walk and enjoy the fresh air away from the pollution.


  • Distance – 4.5 Km
  • Things to do – Walking, Jogging, Yoga, Cycling, Kids play area
  • Best time to visit – Early mornings and evenings


  1. HSR Layout


HSR Layout is the startup hub of Bangalore and also emerged as a posh locality of Bangalore with quiet surroundings, parks, gardens and modern civic amenities. It is now a leading residential area due to its proximity to IT parks in Bangalore.


  1. Agara Lake Park


A well-maintained park with many facilities, Agara Lake Park is one of the best places to visit to rejuvenate yourself. If you are a sunset lover, this park is a treat to your eyes. All you can do is sit back and relax.


  • Distance – 3Km
  • Things to do – Cycling, Walking, Jogging, Running, Bird-watching
  • Best time to visit – Preferably early morning and sunset times


  1. ITI Layout Lake and Park


This lake has been transformed to provide a natural breathing space from the crowded city. You can spot fishesand there is a pathway where you can have a long walk to destress yourself.


  • Distance – 2 Km
  • Things to do – Walking, Jogging, Meditation
  • Best time to visit – Early morning


  1. Banashankari 6th Stage


Banashankari is the largest locality in Bangalore, extending all the way from Mysore Road to Kanakapura Road. It is the only locality which is classified into Stage, Phase and Block. It is divided into 6 stages and the 6th stage is the largest of all. Banashankari 6the stage is filled with greenery, making it a pleasant place to live in.


  1. Turahalli Forest


Turahalli Forest is the perfect getaway for those who are nature lovers and adventure seekers. Located within the city, this forest is filled with rich flora and fauna to mesmerize your senses. You can sight a wide variety of birds. Get ready to experience the beauty of Bangalore from the top of the hill.


  • Distance – 3 to 5 Km
  • Things to do – Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Hiking, Trekking, Rock-climbing, Bird-watching, Plant-watching
  • Best time to visit – Early morning to watch the sunrise


  1. BDA Sculpture Park


The Sculpture Park is all about sculpture installations. Besides enchanting views, you can take a stroll around this park and do your meditation. It is a perfect place to visit with your kids and family.


  • Distance – 3 Km
  • Things to do – Sculpture-viewing, Photography, Walking, Jogging
  • Best time to visit – Any time of the day


  1. J P Nagar


Surrounded by many lakes and parks all around, JP Nagar is the ideal place to live in. It is a well-established residential area in the southern part of Bangalore. The prominent residential areas located near JP Nagar include Banashankari, Bannerghatta, Jayanagar and BTM Layout.


  1. Arekere Mini Forest


Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, wildlife enthusiasts will love this Mini Forest, which is home to rich flora and fauna. As you walk through this forest, you can come across wonderful creatures that are hidden. You can go for a walk along the birding and wildlife trail to spot different types of birds and insects. Look around and look down so that you don’t miss any of nature’s wonders.

  • Distance – 5 to 7 Km
  • Things to do – Wildlife enthusiasts, Plant and Bird watching, Wildlife and Macro Photography, Walking, Jogging, Running
  • Best time to visit – Early morning and Evening times


  1. Doresanipalya Forest


Welcome to the urban jungle of JP Nagar. The sprawling 90-acre land is known for its rich bio-diversity of trees, insects, birds and butterflies. Doresanipalya Forest is used to be a part of the

Bannerghatta National Park and now it is like an island of green surrounded by the concrete and chaotic city. You can either go for an early morning walk to get fresh air or observe 50 plus species of butterflies to feel close to nature.


  • Distance – 3 Km
  • Things to do – Butterfly-watching, Bird-watching, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Badminton court, Volleyball Court and Cricket pitch
  • Best time to visit – As per the forest timings


  1. Jalahalli


Jalahalli is located in the North of Bangalore. And it is divided into Jalahalli East and Jalahalli West.

You can witness plenty of coconut groves and eucalyptus tree plantations in Jalahalli West. Jalahalli East has land on the Jarkabandi State Forest, providing a calm and tranquil environment. This locality remains green and pleasant throughout the year.


  1. Jarkabandi State Forest


This is a lush forest amidst a concrete jungle. The forest covers 494 acres of land, which is spread across 2 blocks – Block A and B. It is the only Sandalwood Reserve of Bangalore, covering almost 444 acres of forest land. This forest is home to some rare wild animals like leopards, sloth bears, porcupines, jackals, etc.  and over 70 species of birds. There are more than 8 species of snakes and 4 species of owls. You can also find plant species like amla, neem, ficus, acacia, albesia, pongamia, etc.


  • Distance – 3 Km
  • Things to do – Bird-watching, Walking, Jogging
  • Best time to visit – Take a stroll during the early morning or evening times on the Jarkabandi Forest Road


  1. JP Park

Located in the junction of Jalahalli and Mathikere, JP park spreads across 88 acres of land. Rich in flora and fauna, this park is elegantly landscaped with sculptures and ponds.


  • Distance – 3 to 5 Km
  • Things to do – Walking, Yoga, Jogging, Running, Outdoor Gym, Musical Fountain, Swimming Pool
  • Best time to visit – Morning (5:00 am – 9:00 am) & Evening (4:00 pm – 8:00 pm)



  1. Bannerghatta


It is one of the best places to stay in Bangalore. Also, known as BG Road, it extends for 49 kilometers. The trees on both sides of the State Highway (SH 87) makes your journey pleasant and beautiful to drive. The most popular Bannerghatta National Park is located in this locality.


  1. Bannerghatta National Park


The famous national park is home to many wild animals, butterflies, reptiles and different types and species of flora. The park has various units such as Zoo, Safari and Butterfly Park.


  • Distance – 5 to 7 Km
  • Things to do – Wildlife sighting, Photography, Walking, Zoo Safari
  • Best time to visit – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm



  1. Hesaraghatta Main Road

Hesaraghatta is a very good location in Bangalore. It is known for having less crowd and lots of greenery. It is well-connected with the other parts of the city via road including the local buses, auto and cabs. There are many parks and recreational places where you can visit with your family during the weekends.


  1. Hesaraghatta Lake


It is a man-made freshwater reservoir spread over 1620 hectares and is located 18 km to the North-West of Bangalore. Nature lovers will love this lake as one can spot more than 2000 birds, especially during the winter season. The enchanting beauty of this lake makes it one of the best places to visit in Bangalore.


  • Distance – 8 Km (from Hesaraghatta Main Road) and 21 Kms (from Bangalore City)
  • Things to do – Bird-watching, Boating, Windsurfing, Parasailing (during summer)
  • Best time to visit – Early morning hours


This list of best places to stay in Bangalore for family is not only eco-friendly but also affordable. Are you getting ready to move to a new locality in Bangalore? Consider these localities so that you can live closer to nature. Find yourself in a peaceful and fresh environment to rejuvenate!