Moving house

I think most of us had moving out experiences, It’s tough for anyone to move, going through all of your stuff, cleaning, packing, moving, and organizing again everything you own back to its place.
That takes a lot of dedication. One of the hardest parts about moving from your home is finding a way to transport your belongings to the new home you are going to stay in! So, today I will try to make the whole process easier to digest, and hopefully, your moving out experiences will look a lot less overwhelming!

First thing, what are you leaving behind?

Usually, when moving to a new place, you notice all the things you don’t exactly have a purpose to keep with you, stuff like old clothing, even little things like pens, sometimes books, old cups, and so many other things! it can get tiring choosing and thinking what to do with all the old items, so I’d suggest putting them aside, in bags or boxes, and once you finish, donate or give, and throw all the items you no longer need to keep. It’ll help you, first, take fewer things, which means; fewer items to find places to put in, and also less stuff to pack! And that’s also a way you can help others when donating things you no longer need. That is like a welcome bonus for your new home.
Well, after you finished organizing, you have to pack, that is its whole own process you have to deal with, how do you make it easier?

First things first, you will need lots of boxes, you can find them easily at supermarkets, and you can get them for cheap too, as well as asking friends or family. Second, you will most definitely need bubble wraps! They are extremely useful when packing things that could break, so make sure you have them. Third, a dolly! It will help you for sure, dolly is a cart, on wheels, that you can rent or buy! You will probably need it to move boxes more easily, it will help make the process faster and a lot less overwhelming, so I would suggest getting one for your moving experience.

Now, how do you start packing? Let’s say you got everything on the list. What now?
So you start with one room to the other, and you mark every box with what you will be packing in it, so when you go to your new home, you’ll know which box to open where. For example, notebooks and books will be in one box so you won’t mix it up with the box for glass.

Other tips are;

  • Remove bulbs and lampshades from lamps.
  • Keep the electronics organized, or you will forget what’s their use.
  • Pack your tools safely, like a saw or a hammer, inside bubble wrap and boxes.

Now, the transportation! How do you start with that?

First, there is no need to put ALL your belongings inside the truck, it can be expensive to do so, and some items are not very heavy, so you could definitely take them inside the car yourself, save the truck for bigger items, like a bed, tables, and TVs, when finding a delivery service, check if they will move the boxes if you are going to a building, will they help you take the boxes and furniture to your apartment? You have to make sure who you're working with, so there won’t be a chance you're stuck with heavy boxes outside your apartment.

Unpacking everything can be as confusing and difficult as packing things up. After packing all your belongings and marking the boxes, though, it should be easier to handle!
You are going to want to put every box in the room you're most likely going to place the items inside it. Like the bathroom stuff in the bathroom, and kitchens things in the kitchen. 

Books near the bookcase! It will make the whole thing quicker.

Then all you will have to do is take your time organizing, if you put on music, it should be a lot more fun and even relaxing to decorate your home, and if you plan it beforehand, it can be quicker as well.
Now you know most things about moving in and out! It can be stressful, yet exciting, so don’t be afraid, and try to make the best of it, if it’s your first time moving! It’s a learning experience that could benefit you in the future too, so be positive, and take it in a lightheaded way!