Must-Read Packing and Moving Tips for your Two-Wheeler Shipment

Care and safety are the top priorities when it comes to packing and moving or relocating to another place. Whether the shifting procedures are for commercial-based or family-oriented intentions, the best bike packers and movers achieve it safe and sound. Additionally, if your source and target location distance are more, then you must hire professional expertise to handle objects securely.

To narrow-down the stated points with correspondence to moving vehicles, your two-wheelers are the most common elements that suffer the highest level of damage, if not moved appropriately. But you can try to minimize or avoid such circumstances, by reading through some of the best tips from our industry experts. This way, you may get a safe and smooth packing-moving experience for your two-wheelers.

Magic of 7: In the Perspective of Two-Wheeler Moving

The following seven values are not specific to one form of bike or scooter. But include wholesome good points that apply to ‘two-wheelers’ standardly.

➔    Tip – 1: Get Engine Cooled

Nearly all the geared motorcycles are difficult to transport and deploy when the engine gets heated. Hence, keep aside your bike from driving, a day before the moving. So, this avoids your bike engine getting overheated and makes it cool and suitable for the much-awaited relocation day!

➔    Tip – 2: Shop Packaging Things

For a secure two-wheeler relocation, first wrap-up essentials neatly. For this, spend money over packing elements such as cardboards, wraps & covers, aluminium foils, etc., depending on your two-wheeler. But if you have budget limitations, then employ professional packers and movers in Bangalore (or any region), as they estimate rates and tax charges that are inclusive to multiple services!

➔    Tip – 3: Empty Petrol Tank

Before moving your bike to the other side, ensure that your two-wheeler’s petrol tank is emptied. It is important to keep your petrol finished because it is extremely inflammable. Avoid fire and burns during bike relocation by emptying petrol!

➔    Tip – 4: Have Packing Adhesives

Get sticky tapes along with pliable transparent bubble wraps, to give your two-wheeler a protective cover during the moving procedures. Doing this, not only restricts scratches and marks but also helps in a convenient shifting process!

 ➔    Tip – 5: Protect Specific Bike Parts

Emphasize extra care and attention to the sensitive regions of your bike, including, mirror and breaks to headlights and indicators. The reason is these parts tend to get damaged quickly during the relocation. Bubble wrap layering comes to the rescue!

➔    Tip – 6: Position Your Bike Firm

Your two-wheeler must be fixed firmly inside the truck for firmness. This way, your vehicle stands fixated during sudden breaks, bridges, and hairpin bends. Two-wheeler movers and packers usually rigidly rope your vehicle to their haul for a crash-free journey!

 ➔    Tip – 7: Handle Things Professionally

From the initial steps of vehicle assessment to packing and assembling your two-wheeler safely, only professionally certified agents can handle such things effectively. Experience, training, on-field skills development, are the many reasons to hire professionals rather than handling it yourself!

11 Things You Should Do Before Moving to a New Office

Imagine that you are moving to a new office in Bangalore. From shifting your goods and services to relocating or hiring employees, moving a commercial setup is quite difficult. Besides time constraints, you must be knowledgeable about safe packing, worker management, and evaluate the total packers and movers in Bangalore charges, during and post all the relocation procedures.

Above all, the biggest challenge is to move your essentials/commodities safely to the source location. For achieving a hassle-free shifting, here are the 11 important points you must know before you move to a new office.

Move Your Office Smooth and Safe with these 11 Steps

Before deep-diving into the subject, you must primarily fix your budget. Instead of spending on-the-go, it is recommended to choose your overall spendable cash. This way, you can cut-down additional charges like the payment estimated for wrapping costly articles! Following this, here are the 11 other things to do before your office move.

1. Sort Items: Separate your commodities and mark them as to-be-moved, to-be-stored, and to-be-dismantled. This way, your relocation process becomes organized. Moreover, planning and sorting out things will save you a lot of time!

2. Inform Stakeholders: Leads, managers, presidents, chairpersons, business partners are to be informed about your relocation through emails, newsletters, etc. Regularly notify your moving updates with important stakeholders!

3. Identify Tasks: Your projects and in-house tasks have to be sketched and marked important, hence you can finish high priority ones first. Also, it can help you delegate works accordingly to employees, post the relocation period!

4. Hire Vendors: A professional moving crew is needed to pack, store, and move things safely. Finding packers and movers in Bangalore for local shifting from a reliable website helps you to get affordable rates when shifting within Bangalore!

5. Arrange Insurance: Be it storage or transit, getting relocation insurance is beneficial. It will help you with commercial reimbursement for issues such as physical damages, thefts, accidents, or even for other unforeseen circumstances!

6. Dismantle Cables: When moving telephones, landlines, fax machines, printers, PCs, and other office goods, ensure to disengage the wiring. This is a time-saver and also promotes a safe relocation!

7. Prepare Checklist: Work stations, automated generators, parking space security rooms, cafeterias, and such facilities have to be pre-decided with a neat checklist for your new office!

8. Delegate Responsibilities: Get all departments together and plan on the moving team. Find responsible professionals and give them different responsibilities during your relocation. It can even be as simple as streamlining your search for hiring one of the best packers and movers in Bangalore or any region to state!

9. Communicate Internally: Upon planning your shift schedule and preparing the checklist, share your recommendations to all the peer employees. Explain in-depth about their new job roles, challenges to manage, and other perks or pain points!

10. Have Backups: There is no assurance for your office shifting in Bangalore will be 100% safe, effective, and quick. So, have a backup plan to avoid mishaps and face crises with the support of other workers on-board!

11. Click Photographs: Before finally moving into the office setup, take enough photos of your relocated office. Doing so, you can get back later to these clicks and check if there any damages or fixes are to be rectified, post the moving. Your photos will also come in handy, just in case you relocate somewhere in the future!