How to Ease your Local Home Shifting Worries

Local House Shifting Checklist

Home shifting to a new locality with all your belongings can be a strenuous task. When thinking about strange surroundings, you may get emotional. The best mantra while shifting is to stay organized thereby avoiding any chaos. Though the shifting process can be time-consuming, you need to consider many things before shifting. This blog will ensure that your local shifting in Bangalore is a breeze. We have made the shifting process a piece of cake for you so that you can track and categorize as per the schedule of your move.

30 days before home shifting

 Planning ahead keeps your stress level at bay. So, plan one month before moving day to complete the tasks.

 1. Prepare a moving checklist

It is vital to prepare a moving checklist as it is not possible to remember all the tasks. Make a note of local home shifting tips below and utilize it as your moving checklist.

2. Look for packers and movers to get quotes

Identifying the right home shifting service is key to meet your home shifting needs. Find the right professionals who can pack and move your belongings safely and securely.  Spend some time to select the right movers in your locality.  Pick one and share your shifting requirements.

 3. Declutter and take inventory of all your items

Decluttering is the hardest job to do though it is unavoidable. Sort your things out and get rid of unnecessary items and stuff you haven’t used for a long time. If they are in good condition, give them off to your friends or family. You can help a charitable firm by donating them. Take inventory of the items before they get packed and make a detailed list of the moving items.

4.  Hire the right movers and packers in Bangalore for local shifting

After you have selected the right movers and packers, ask them to visit your home to discuss the home shifting requirements. They will do a quick survey so that you will get to know the accurate shifting charges.

 5.  Choose the day for moving

Plan your moving day during the weekdays or mid-month when the movers and packers charge less.

 6.  Update your new address

It is important that your mail communications also move along with you.  Ensure that you update your new address with banks, employer, post office, online shopping sites, etc.

 7.  Deep clean your new house

Before you move to your new house, you must deep clean the house. From windows and light fixtures to cabinets and sink, clean all that is needed to get rid of any pests or insects in your house.

8.  Safe shifting

Moving large goods like washing machines, refrigerators and furniture can be a real challenge. Get help by hiring professional movers while moving large goods and placing them in the appropriate position.

 7 days before home shifting

You have just got one week to get things organized. Use this week to go through this house shifting tips and house shifting checklist to get ready to move without any hassle.

 9.  Get prepared and organize important items and documents

Since you have already created a moving inventory and made a list of items you have for moving, it is time to pack those small items like toiletries, medications, clothes and laptop, cosmetics and so on. Also, organize important documents and papers into files and folders. And get rid of unimportant papers.

Keep all your essentials like passport, government-related documents, medical records, insurance documents and educational certificates in a folder. Keep them safely in a bag and ensure that these files or folders aren’t sent with the movers. If needed, make photocopies of important documents.

 10.  Pack valuables

Pack your valuables like jewellery and ornaments safely and make a note in your moving packing checklist so that you don’t forget it as they are worth a lot more.

 11.  Pack cleaning supplies

Pack a cleaning kit which should include a broom, mop, newspapers, paper towels, old rags and so on. Add this to your moving checklist.

12.  Disconnect electronic devices

Defrost the fridge and disconnect AC and other appliances on the day before the moving date.

Clean up the appliances before packing and unplug them. All the wires can be packed safely in Ziploc bags and labeled accordingly.

 13.  Switch utility services

Disconnect services like LPG Gas, electricity, water, milk, TV and newspaper from your old house and reconnect these utility services and get them transferred to your new location. This ensures the transition is as smooth as possible.

1 day before home shifting

You are almost here for home shifting. Do check with the checklist that you prepared and get things moving.

14.  Handle these items with care

Keep the bag packed with essentials, valuables and documents separate from the regular household goods. Ensure that this bag doesn’t get into the hands of movers for packing. You are going to keep this bag.

 15.  Keep the cash ready

You don’t have to run to the ATM to withdraw money if you have some cash handy.

Movers will help you pack and move to ensure a smooth relocation process.

On moving day

 16.  Guide the movers during loading

Let the movers pack the things that are required by you. And check whether they are using good quality material while packing. Double check all the rooms whether all the items are packed to get ready to move. Check the cupboard and drawers so that nothing is missed out. Help the movers to get to your destination.

 17.  Unload and unpack items

After reaching the new location, guide the movers to place the items in their respective places. The items will be unpacked by the packers and movers in Bangalore. You need to check whether the goods are unpacked safely without getting damaged.

Check if any of the items are damaged while moving. Plugin the appliances and check whether they are working properly. Don’t forget to unpack your essentials which has all your clothes, toiletries and so on.

1 day after home shifting

You have finally moved in. It is time to set up and settle down.

18.  Set up the rooms

Make a checklist and note down all the things you need to finish in 14 days. Set up a target and work hard to complete the task without any hassle.

19.  Meet and greet

Meet your neighbours and feel comfortable in getting to know them. Take time to explore the new locality and locate places like shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores, and so on.

 7 days after home shifting

 Time flies fast. It’s been a week since you have been moved to this new location. And local shifting in Bangalore is not that hard as you thought of. With packers and movers in Bangalore for local shifting, your shifting will be smooth. Finish unpacking all the stuff and plan for a housewarming party.

We hope these local home shifting tips and moving house checklists are helpful for you to move smoothly without any problems. Choose the right movers to plan your relocation process efficiently within your budget!