Must-Read Packing and Moving Tips for your Two-Wheeler Shipment

Care and safety are the top priorities when it comes to packing and moving or relocating to another place. Whether the shifting procedures are for commercial-based or family-oriented intentions, the best bike packers and movers achieve it safe and sound. Additionally, if your source and target location distance are more, then you must hire professional expertise to handle objects securely.

To narrow-down the stated points with correspondence to moving vehicles, your two-wheelers are the most common elements that suffer the highest level of damage, if not moved appropriately. But you can try to minimize or avoid such circumstances, by reading through some of the best tips from our industry experts. This way, you may get a safe and smooth packing-moving experience for your two-wheelers.

Magic of 7: In the Perspective of Two-Wheeler Moving

The following seven values are not specific to one form of bike or scooter. But include wholesome good points that apply to ‘two-wheelers’ standardly.

➔    Tip – 1: Get Engine Cooled

Nearly all the geared motorcycles are difficult to transport and deploy when the engine gets heated. Hence, keep aside your bike from driving, a day before the moving. So, this avoids your bike engine getting overheated and makes it cool and suitable for the much-awaited relocation day!

➔    Tip – 2: Shop Packaging Things

For a secure two-wheeler relocation, first wrap-up essentials neatly. For this, spend money over packing elements such as cardboards, wraps & covers, aluminium foils, etc., depending on your two-wheeler. But if you have budget limitations, then employ professional packers and movers in Bangalore (or any region), as they estimate rates and tax charges that are inclusive to multiple services!

➔    Tip – 3: Empty Petrol Tank

Before moving your bike to the other side, ensure that your two-wheeler’s petrol tank is emptied. It is important to keep your petrol finished because it is extremely inflammable. Avoid fire and burns during bike relocation by emptying petrol!

➔    Tip – 4: Have Packing Adhesives

Get sticky tapes along with pliable transparent bubble wraps, to give your two-wheeler a protective cover during the moving procedures. Doing this, not only restricts scratches and marks but also helps in a convenient shifting process!

 ➔    Tip – 5: Protect Specific Bike Parts

Emphasize extra care and attention to the sensitive regions of your bike, including, mirror and breaks to headlights and indicators. The reason is these parts tend to get damaged quickly during the relocation. Bubble wrap layering comes to the rescue!

➔    Tip – 6: Position Your Bike Firm

Your two-wheeler must be fixed firmly inside the truck for firmness. This way, your vehicle stands fixated during sudden breaks, bridges, and hairpin bends. Two-wheeler movers and packers usually rigidly rope your vehicle to their haul for a crash-free journey!

 ➔    Tip – 7: Handle Things Professionally

From the initial steps of vehicle assessment to packing and assembling your two-wheeler safely, only professionally certified agents can handle such things effectively. Experience, training, on-field skills development, are the many reasons to hire professionals rather than handling it yourself!

11 Things You Should Do Before Moving to a New Office

Imagine that you are moving to a new office in Bangalore. From shifting your goods and services to relocating or hiring employees, moving a commercial setup is quite difficult. Besides time constraints, you must be knowledgeable about safe packing, worker management, and evaluate the total packers and movers in Bangalore charges, during and post all the relocation procedures.

Above all, the biggest challenge is to move your essentials/commodities safely to the source location. For achieving a hassle-free shifting, here are the 11 important points you must know before you move to a new office.

Move Your Office Smooth and Safe with these 11 Steps

Before deep-diving into the subject, you must primarily fix your budget. Instead of spending on-the-go, it is recommended to choose your overall spendable cash. This way, you can cut-down additional charges like the payment estimated for wrapping costly articles! Following this, here are the 11 other things to do before your office move.

1. Sort Items: Separate your commodities and mark them as to-be-moved, to-be-stored, and to-be-dismantled. This way, your relocation process becomes organized. Moreover, planning and sorting out things will save you a lot of time!

2. Inform Stakeholders: Leads, managers, presidents, chairpersons, business partners are to be informed about your relocation through emails, newsletters, etc. Regularly notify your moving updates with important stakeholders!

3. Identify Tasks: Your projects and in-house tasks have to be sketched and marked important, hence you can finish high priority ones first. Also, it can help you delegate works accordingly to employees, post the relocation period!

4. Hire Vendors: A professional moving crew is needed to pack, store, and move things safely. Finding packers and movers in Bangalore for local shifting from a reliable website helps you to get affordable rates when shifting within Bangalore!

5. Arrange Insurance: Be it storage or transit, getting relocation insurance is beneficial. It will help you with commercial reimbursement for issues such as physical damages, thefts, accidents, or even for other unforeseen circumstances!

6. Dismantle Cables: When moving telephones, landlines, fax machines, printers, PCs, and other office goods, ensure to disengage the wiring. This is a time-saver and also promotes a safe relocation!

7. Prepare Checklist: Work stations, automated generators, parking space security rooms, cafeterias, and such facilities have to be pre-decided with a neat checklist for your new office!

8. Delegate Responsibilities: Get all departments together and plan on the moving team. Find responsible professionals and give them different responsibilities during your relocation. It can even be as simple as streamlining your search for hiring one of the best packers and movers in Bangalore or any region to state!

9. Communicate Internally: Upon planning your shift schedule and preparing the checklist, share your recommendations to all the peer employees. Explain in-depth about their new job roles, challenges to manage, and other perks or pain points!

10. Have Backups: There is no assurance for your office shifting in Bangalore will be 100% safe, effective, and quick. So, have a backup plan to avoid mishaps and face crises with the support of other workers on-board!

11. Click Photographs: Before finally moving into the office setup, take enough photos of your relocated office. Doing so, you can get back later to these clicks and check if there any damages or fixes are to be rectified, post the moving. Your photos will also come in handy, just in case you relocate somewhere in the future!

How To Pack Pictures, Paintings and Antiques Safely While Moving

Packing all your valuable things can be a challenging task when moving to a new home. While you are busy packing furniture and large appliances, packing valuable items like art, mirrors, antiques, and other delicate items can be tricky. Imagine those gift items like china dinnerware or porcelain sets that you received for your wedding anniversary or birthday – they all need extra care. So, it is best to hire a professional moving company for moving fine art & antiques. If you are in Pune, hire packers and movers in Pune to move your precious keepsakes. In this blog, you will learn how to pack artwork and antiques.


  • Begin with an inventory

It is essential that you create a list of your artwork and antiques. By doing this way, you can clearly see which items you can handle by yourself. You can leave the rest of the items such as heavy mirrors and other valuable items in professional hands.


  • Gather adequate supplies for packing

There are some items that you need for packing. For example, cardboard boxes, frame boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, high-quality packing tape, markers to highlight the item, etc. Ensure that these supplies are handy and ready for packing.


  • Eliminate stain

If you have a beautiful canvas to pack, make sure that the packing material you use doesn’t leave an etch or stain on that canvas. It is best to avoid materials like printed newspaper and parchment paper. These materials can scratch or etch your masterpiece.


  • How to move packing framed and unframed artwork

Make an X-shape marking over the glass cover with the use of masking tape. Since it is a glass item, you need to secure the corners with corner protectors. This will protect the item from being damaged during the move. Finally, wrap it in a bubble wrap. Seal the box with heavy masking tape. Labeling is important as it is easy to locate the items easily. If you want to pack multiple frames, use a single box with plenty of cushioning for added protection.


Unframed artwork needs extra care while packing. You can wrap your paintings in an unprinted paper as it will not react with the paint. For added protection, tape sheets of cardboard over the bubble wrap. For packing small antiques, it is best to use boxes that are specially designed for moving. Hope these tips for packing and moving antiques are useful.


  • Follow the extra steps

It is important that you follow these steps diligently while packing your fragile pictures, paintings and antiques for moving.

  • Double pack your valuable pictures and frames in a soft material like cloth or soft paper
  • Protect the corners of your items by adding sufficient padding
  • To provide that extra cushion to those items, use old clothes or crumpled paper
  • For items made of glass, consider a triple layer of packing for added protection
  • If the item is large, you can disassemble the different parts and pack them separately


  • Hire a professional

Are you still thinking about how to move expensive art and antiques because it is beyond your scope? Look for packers and movers in Bangalore, Hyderabad or other cities to handle your situation. The professional packers and movers in Hyderabad and other parts of India will bring in special tools and experience to move your valuable items.

Best 10 Places To Live in Mumbai

Dwelling in Mumbai is nothing short of living a dream. If you are looking at moving into Mumbai for study, work or family, you must choose one of the best places to live in Mumbai. This will help you feel the pulse of the city in the true sense of the term. The city of Mumbai is welcoming by nature and has something to offer to everyone.

Here are the top 10 places to live in Mumbai:

  • Juhu: Juhu is one of the most sought after areas to live in Mumbai. Renting/Buying a house in Juhu is expensive but truly satisfying. The area is one of the high class areas in Mumbai where a lot of celebrities reside. A lot of premium schools here like Spring Buds International School, Multi Jayant Dalal High School, Holy Cross High School, Kangaroo Kids, Besant Montessori School, St. Anthony High School that are known to offer top class education. Juhu is one of the most desired residential areas on account of the numerous attractions it offers. The area is best known for Juhu Beach for strolling, spending time, relaxing, and trying mouthwatering Mumbai street food. Living in Juhu is undoubtedly a pleasurable experience.


  • Airoli: Airoli is a residential cum commercial area. The property rates in this area are very affordable. If you are looking for the cheapest place in Mumbai to stay, then you can consider buying or renting a home in Airoli. The locality has well-established schools like Vibgyor High School, DAV Public School, and Datta Meghe World Academy. There are numerous places of interest here like Oerlikon Trade place Private Limited mall, Rock Point mall, Yashwant Rao Chavan Garden, Rajiv Gandhi Garden, Newa Garden Park, NMMC Park, Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary, Chinchawali Garden, The Mint Leaf and Pub G game place Airoli Sec 5.


  • Chembur: Chembur is one of the best residential areas of Mumbai having a well-established market and an interconnected rail network. Some of the famous schools in Chembur include Swami Vivekananda High School and Junior College, Sadhu Vaswani High School, St. Gregorios High School, and Loreto Convent School. The area offers a lot of room for entertainment with the Kingdom of Fun, Bombay Kali Bari, R H Shisode garden, Chimni Garden, and Ambedkar Garden. The locality is widely known for shopping at a reasonable budget. You can choose from various shopping destinations like Cubic Mall, The Central Mall, RNA Complex, K Star Mall, and Chembur Market complex.


  • Thane: Thane is a widely preferred area for residing as it offers a well-established infrastructure. Thane is well connected to the rest of Mumbai with the bus, local train, and metro rail network. The area is home to beautiful and attractive places like Hariyali Lake, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Datiwali Lake, and Suraj Water Park. Thane Mahanagar Palika, Community Park, and Thane Grand Central Park are also located in the vicinity. A lot of famous shopping malls like Infinity Shopping Arcade, Korum Mall, and Amrapali Shopping Center can be found here.


  • Panvel: With rapid industrial development, Panvel is now considered one of the best places to live in Mumbai for bachelors. Panvel is one of the most affordable places to live in Mumbai for families too. The locality has various schools like Shantiniketan Public School, Penguin Kids, K.E.S. English Medium High School, and New Horizon Public School. Panvel also has well-established malls like Glomax Mall, Mahalaxmi Mall, and Orion Mall to stroll around or shop away. The area is home to scenic places like Adai Waterfalls, Kalavantin Pinnacle, Karnala Fort, Cidco Park, Govind Sagar, Kamothe Park, and ISKCON Kharghar, thereby assuring a blissful life in the lap of nature.


  • Powai: Powai is a highly recommended area to reside in Mumbai as reputed companies and well known educational institutions are located here. A well-built infrastructure makes Powai the right choice for residing in Mumbai. Schools like Happy Minds International, Bombay Scottish School, S. M. Shetty High School, and Smiles Fun School are well-known names here offering high-quality education. The historical temples in Powai celebrate religious events with great fervor, thereby radiating positive vibes. A plethora of attractions like Powai Lake, Forest Park, Heera Panna Shopping Centre, Classic Super Store, Powai Plaza, Galleria Shopping Mall, Vihar Jogging Park, Heritage Garden, M.C.G.M. Nirvana Park, Deer Park, Suvarna Temple, and Devi Vageshwari Mata Temple ensure that residents’ life is blissful here.


  • Bandra: Bandra is a top notch area in Mumbai with posh malls, schools, restaurants, pubs, and corporate hubs. Bandra, a central area in Mumbai is highly known for lavish living. Top class schools like Cardinal Gracias High School, St. Stanislaus High School, and St. Joseph’s Convent High School are located here. With innumerable places of attraction, living in Bandra is a dream for many. Some of the best places in Bandra include Link Square Mall, Bandra lake, Bandstand Promenade, Bandra Fort, Gazebo Shopping, Veena Beena Shopping Center, Almeida Park, Guru Nanak Park, and MIG Park. Buying or renting a home in Bandra is a costly affair.


  • Andheri: Being a largely populated area, Andheri has numerous schools to choose from. Some of the best schools in Andheri include Canossa Convent High School, Hansraj Morarji Public School, RIMS International School, Holy family High School, and Ryan Global School. Andheri holds in store varied options for entertainment and rejuvenation. The best places of interest in Andheri include Water Kingdom, Haji Ali Dargah, Hanging gardens, Balodyan gardens, Prince of Wales Museum, Suraj Water Park, Infiniti mall, Mega Mall,  St.Thomas cathedral Church, Sanjay Gandhi National park, Babulnath Temple and National Maritime Museum. Andheri is also a renowned shopping destination in Mumbai. The cheap accommodation rates make it one of the best places to live in Mumbai for a middle class family.


  • Navi Mumbai: Navi Mumbai is a great residential choice. With well-developed amenities and ample entertainment places, buying or renting a home in Navi Mumbai is highly recommended. The best schools in Navi Mumbai include Don Bosco Senior secondary school, Little Millennium, St. Augustine High School, Euro School, and Bal Bharti Public School. A lot of recreational places like Central Park, Pandavkada falls, Karnala Bird sanctuary, Kharghar Hills, Rock garden, Gadeshwar dam, Belapur mango garden, Wonder park, Knowledge Garden, Karnala Fort, Inorbit mall, Jewel of Navi Mumbai, Nerul lake, Seawood Grand Central Mall, and Sagar Vihar garden enhance the residing experience.


  • Goregaon: Goregaon is a popular area in Mumbai for residing. Some of the best schools in Goregaon include Christ Night High School, Ryan International School, Mountmary School, Jawahar Vidyalaya High School. Goregaon offers a plethora of places of interest, thereby making residents life satisfying. Some of the must see places in Goregaon include, Cinemax, BMC Garden, Goregaon lake, Inorbit mall, Oberoi Mall, Chhota Kashmir, Budh Vihar temple and Sri Ram Mandir.


If you are looking at moving into Mumbai from another city or move within Mumbai, you can contact First Pick. We are the best packers and movers in Mumbai, to make your moving in the process completely hassle-free. To know more about us, you can log onto our website

Best Places in Bangalore To Live Closer To Nature

Bangalore, theITcityof India is surrounded by many significant places. Whether you are looking for an escape from the city life or a newcomer who has shifted to a new location recently with the help of packers and movers in Bangalore, there are localities with attractions that you must visit to enjoy the serenity and peace. Let’s look at some of the best places to live in Bangalore for nature lovers in this blog.


  1. Yelahanka New Town


Located in the north of Bangalore, Yelahanka New Town forms a part of greater Bangalore. It is at a height of about 915 metres (3000 feet) above mean sea level. Since this place is located at a higher altitude, it is lush green, offering pleasant weather year-round. You can experience lush green neighbourhoods, with forest, lakes and parks situated at this locality.


  1. Avalahalli Forest


Visiting this forest during the weekend makes you feel rejuvenating and relaxing. You can spend some quality time with your family in the lap of nature. The picturesque beauty and diverse flora and fauna will make you fall in love with this place. This forest will beckon you to explore its mysteries adding thrill and excitement. Enjoy the ambience as the light rays striking through eucalyptus trees, leaving you spellbound. If you love bird watching, you can easily spot peacocks, woodpeckers, eagles, kingfishers and more in this forest.


  • Distance – 7 Km
  • Things to do – Cycling, Trekking, Hiking, Bird-watching
  • Best time to visit – Early morning and sunset


  1. Puttenahalli Lake Bird Sanctuary


The Puttenahalli lake bird sanctuary is a 10-hectare water body near Yelahanka, which is located 14 km north of Bangalore. The biodiversity experts discovered almost 49 species of birds. More than 7000 birds can be sighted during the breeding season. You can also find rare species like Pelicans, Storks, Herons, etc.


  • Distance – 2 Km
  • Things to do – Bird-watching, Walking, Jogging
  • Best time to visit – Early mornings between 6:30 am and 9:30 am


  1. Fairly Dense Mixed Forest


This fairly dense mixed forest is an Agricultural College located inside the GKVK Campus. It’s an open jungle where you can spend a pleasant time with your family, away from the hustle-bustle of the city.


  • Distance – 3 Km (opposite Jakkur Layout)
  • Things to do – Walking, Jogging, Cycling, and Skating
  • Best time to visit – Any time of the day


  1. Sarjapur Road


As Sarjapur Road is one of the industrial areas in Anekal Taluk, it is a fast-developing locality with good connectivity to key IT cluster areas of Bangalore. It is one of the popular localities as it has all essential amenities from education to hospitals and markets to hang-out places. Surrounded by trees everywhere, Sarjapur Road will beckon you to enjoy its serenity.


  1. Iblur Park and Lake


After a few long years, Iblur Lake is set to get a face-lift, regaining lost beauty. Take a stroll near the lake and unwind yourself from the bustling crowd of the city. The lush-green park is well maintained so you can take a long walk and enjoy the fresh air away from the pollution.


  • Distance – 4.5 Km
  • Things to do – Walking, Jogging, Yoga, Cycling, Kids play area
  • Best time to visit – Early mornings and evenings


  1. HSR Layout


HSR Layout is the startup hub of Bangalore and also emerged as a posh locality of Bangalore with quiet surroundings, parks, gardens and modern civic amenities. It is now a leading residential area due to its proximity to IT parks in Bangalore.


  1. Agara Lake Park


A well-maintained park with many facilities, Agara Lake Park is one of the best places to visit to rejuvenate yourself. If you are a sunset lover, this park is a treat to your eyes. All you can do is sit back and relax.


  • Distance – 3Km
  • Things to do – Cycling, Walking, Jogging, Running, Bird-watching
  • Best time to visit – Preferably early morning and sunset times


  1. ITI Layout Lake and Park


This lake has been transformed to provide a natural breathing space from the crowded city. You can spot fishesand there is a pathway where you can have a long walk to destress yourself.


  • Distance – 2 Km
  • Things to do – Walking, Jogging, Meditation
  • Best time to visit – Early morning


  1. Banashankari 6th Stage


Banashankari is the largest locality in Bangalore, extending all the way from Mysore Road to Kanakapura Road. It is the only locality which is classified into Stage, Phase and Block. It is divided into 6 stages and the 6th stage is the largest of all. Banashankari 6the stage is filled with greenery, making it a pleasant place to live in.


  1. Turahalli Forest


Turahalli Forest is the perfect getaway for those who are nature lovers and adventure seekers. Located within the city, this forest is filled with rich flora and fauna to mesmerize your senses. You can sight a wide variety of birds. Get ready to experience the beauty of Bangalore from the top of the hill.


  • Distance – 3 to 5 Km
  • Things to do – Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Hiking, Trekking, Rock-climbing, Bird-watching, Plant-watching
  • Best time to visit – Early morning to watch the sunrise


  1. BDA Sculpture Park


The Sculpture Park is all about sculpture installations. Besides enchanting views, you can take a stroll around this park and do your meditation. It is a perfect place to visit with your kids and family.


  • Distance – 3 Km
  • Things to do – Sculpture-viewing, Photography, Walking, Jogging
  • Best time to visit – Any time of the day


  1. J P Nagar


Surrounded by many lakes and parks all around, JP Nagar is the ideal place to live in. It is a well-established residential area in the southern part of Bangalore. The prominent residential areas located near JP Nagar include Banashankari, Bannerghatta, Jayanagar and BTM Layout.


  1. Arekere Mini Forest


Nestled in the heart of Bangalore, wildlife enthusiasts will love this Mini Forest, which is home to rich flora and fauna. As you walk through this forest, you can come across wonderful creatures that are hidden. You can go for a walk along the birding and wildlife trail to spot different types of birds and insects. Look around and look down so that you don’t miss any of nature’s wonders.

  • Distance – 5 to 7 Km
  • Things to do – Wildlife enthusiasts, Plant and Bird watching, Wildlife and Macro Photography, Walking, Jogging, Running
  • Best time to visit – Early morning and Evening times


  1. Doresanipalya Forest


Welcome to the urban jungle of JP Nagar. The sprawling 90-acre land is known for its rich bio-diversity of trees, insects, birds and butterflies. Doresanipalya Forest is used to be a part of the

Bannerghatta National Park and now it is like an island of green surrounded by the concrete and chaotic city. You can either go for an early morning walk to get fresh air or observe 50 plus species of butterflies to feel close to nature.


  • Distance – 3 Km
  • Things to do – Butterfly-watching, Bird-watching, Walking, Jogging, Cycling, Badminton court, Volleyball Court and Cricket pitch
  • Best time to visit – As per the forest timings


  1. Jalahalli


Jalahalli is located in the North of Bangalore. And it is divided into Jalahalli East and Jalahalli West.

You can witness plenty of coconut groves and eucalyptus tree plantations in Jalahalli West. Jalahalli East has land on the Jarkabandi State Forest, providing a calm and tranquil environment. This locality remains green and pleasant throughout the year.


  1. Jarkabandi State Forest


This is a lush forest amidst a concrete jungle. The forest covers 494 acres of land, which is spread across 2 blocks – Block A and B. It is the only Sandalwood Reserve of Bangalore, covering almost 444 acres of forest land. This forest is home to some rare wild animals like leopards, sloth bears, porcupines, jackals, etc.  and over 70 species of birds. There are more than 8 species of snakes and 4 species of owls. You can also find plant species like amla, neem, ficus, acacia, albesia, pongamia, etc.


  • Distance – 3 Km
  • Things to do – Bird-watching, Walking, Jogging
  • Best time to visit – Take a stroll during the early morning or evening times on the Jarkabandi Forest Road


  1. JP Park

Located in the junction of Jalahalli and Mathikere, JP park spreads across 88 acres of land. Rich in flora and fauna, this park is elegantly landscaped with sculptures and ponds.


  • Distance – 3 to 5 Km
  • Things to do – Walking, Yoga, Jogging, Running, Outdoor Gym, Musical Fountain, Swimming Pool
  • Best time to visit – Morning (5:00 am – 9:00 am) & Evening (4:00 pm – 8:00 pm)



  1. Bannerghatta


It is one of the best places to stay in Bangalore. Also, known as BG Road, it extends for 49 kilometers. The trees on both sides of the State Highway (SH 87) makes your journey pleasant and beautiful to drive. The most popular Bannerghatta National Park is located in this locality.


  1. Bannerghatta National Park


The famous national park is home to many wild animals, butterflies, reptiles and different types and species of flora. The park has various units such as Zoo, Safari and Butterfly Park.


  • Distance – 5 to 7 Km
  • Things to do – Wildlife sighting, Photography, Walking, Zoo Safari
  • Best time to visit – 9:00 am – 4:30 pm



  1. Hesaraghatta Main Road

Hesaraghatta is a very good location in Bangalore. It is known for having less crowd and lots of greenery. It is well-connected with the other parts of the city via road including the local buses, auto and cabs. There are many parks and recreational places where you can visit with your family during the weekends.


  1. Hesaraghatta Lake


It is a man-made freshwater reservoir spread over 1620 hectares and is located 18 km to the North-West of Bangalore. Nature lovers will love this lake as one can spot more than 2000 birds, especially during the winter season. The enchanting beauty of this lake makes it one of the best places to visit in Bangalore.


  • Distance – 8 Km (from Hesaraghatta Main Road) and 21 Kms (from Bangalore City)
  • Things to do – Bird-watching, Boating, Windsurfing, Parasailing (during summer)
  • Best time to visit – Early morning hours


This list of best places to stay in Bangalore for family is not only eco-friendly but also affordable. Are you getting ready to move to a new locality in Bangalore? Consider these localities so that you can live closer to nature. Find yourself in a peaceful and fresh environment to rejuvenate!

21 Things To Do When Moving Into A New Home For The First Time

Moving into a new house is both exciting and exhausting at the same time. However, moving into a new home can be a 100% pleasurable experience if you have a ready ‘moving checklist’ in hand. This blog will help you in planning your house moving in an organized way. Having a handy ‘moving into first house checklist’ will ensure that you have a hassle free moving in, whilst enjoying every moment of the shifting process.

Here is a list of a few things to do after moving into a new house:

1. Inspect delivered boxes: Once all your home essentials have been shifted to your new home, you must tally the number of delivered boxes with the number of packed boxes. You must also tally the items in each box with your ‘new home essentials checklist’. This will ensure that you don’t suffer a loss of your belongings.

2. Deep clean your new house: We have a few tips for you on how to clean a new home. Firstly, dust off the ceilings and windows thoroughly. Secondly, disinfect the toilets. Thirdly, scrub off the greasy oil stains from the kitchen. Finally, sweep the entire house and mop it with a hygienic and pleasant smelling floor cleaner. Following these ‘cleaning tips after moving into a new house’ will ensure that your new home is ready to welcome you.

3. Unpack essentials: Open the delivered boxes segregate the items as per the rooms they have to go into and start arranging your stuff room wise into the desired cupboard, rack or area.

4. Inspect your house thoroughly: Check for any visible signs of damage in your new home. You must make a note of any kind of correction needed on electric, plumbing, painting or carpentry front and get it rectified at the earliest.

5. Locate fuse box and Main water valve: You must find out where the main water valve and circuit breaker box is located. This will be of great help in case of an unforeseen emergency where you are required to disconnect the water/current supply.

6. Check for leaking taps and pipes: Inspect the house and check for clogged drains, dripping faucets, trickling toilets and damaged sink drain pipes. Get all plumbing issues fixed by a plumber at the earliest.

7. Secure your new home: Make sure that all your windows and doors close properly. Change locks of all outside doors to make sure that only your family has access to your new home. Install smoke detectors, fire extinguisher and burglar alarms wherever necessary. Keep well equipped first aid kits handy at all times.

8. Take care of the creepy-crawlies: Get rid of termites, insects, cockroaches, spiders, lizards and rats with pest control. You can do it yourself or get it done from a pest control agency.

9. Childproof your new home: If you have toddlers or kids, it’s important to childproof your new home. Make sure that your kids are safe by ensuring simple things like all electrical wires are properly secured, the floor is clean and dry, the main door is always closed and sharp items/tools are beyond their reach.

10. Plan the layout of all your rooms: First and foremost, you must decide which room will be the master bedroom, kids’ bedroom, study room or guest room. Then segregate all items room wise and start arranging them in the desired cupboard/rack/area.

11. Make sure your furniture fits: Take the dimensions of furniture pieces like dining table, sofa set, beds, study table, Centre table and corner tables and match it with the dimensions of the area where you wish to place them. This avoids the hassle of repositioning furniture.

12. Connect major appliances: Before connecting your appliances, it’s important to call an electrician for checking thewiring and earthing of the house, testing all plug points and upgrading to the latest voltage requirements.

13. Paint new colours for a fresh look: Repainting the walls or adding wallpapers is sure to give your new home a completely fresh look. You can decide on painting the walls of the entire house with the same colour or choose different colours for different rooms. It’s important to choose a wall colour that complements the furniture and décor in every room.

14. Think about the home décor: After arranging all home essentials, it’s a good idea to add décor to the house. To give your house an aesthetic appeal you can consider adding photo frames, showpieces, wall paintings, carpet and lighting.

15. Add curtains for better look and feel: Adding curtains to all windows is imperative to ensure that your home is your private space. However, apart from offering privacy, curtains complete the look of any room. Choose curtains of the right length, width, texture and colour scheme to make sure that your house looks appealing.

16. Make your home self-energy efficient: You can make your home energy efficient with solar panels. Installing solar panels will help you in utilizing natural solar energy to light up your entire house and run the water heater. This is an eco-friendlyoption that helps you save electricity bills in a great way.

17. Change your address: Register your new address with your bank, Company, insurance company and other important private or government institutions. Also, let your friends know about your new home address.

18. Find a good school for your child: It’s important to find a good school for your kid’s education. You can consult your friends or neighbours to decide on the best school for your child.

19. Find health care providers: Get to know the popular clinics, pharmacies and hospitals in your locality. Also, ask your friends or neighbours to suggest good doctors in the locality. This will prepare you in handling any small/big medical emergencies.

20. Register your vehicle: If you are moving into a new home in a different state, you must visit your local DMV office to register your vehicle and get your driver’s license transferred.

21. Greet your new neighbours: It’s important to know your vicinity well. Meeting and greeting neighbours is a great way to understand your neighbourhood. Having an amicable relationship with neighbours will help you settle down in the new environment really soon.

If you are a resident of Bangalore and looking for packers and movers in Bangalore to help you in moving into your new home, you can contact First Pick. We are relocation experts who make your home shifting process completely hassle free. If you are looking for packers and movers in Mumbai or any other city, you will be happy to know that we provide packing and moving services in all major cities in India. To know more about us, you can log onto our website

How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

At the time of preparing for a move, one of the crucial thought is How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving.

In this content, you’ll have the most helpful moving tips and hacks for your future relocation reference. Whether you’re hiring the proficient packers and movers or professionals or doing it yourself, your costly furniture often needs to be packed and handled with care at the time of shifting.

After arrival at your new home, you must wish the heaviest and costly items to be free from damage. Without precautions and care, the costly wood furniture can be grooved, upholstery can be scratched, and glass can be broken. You must aware of how to prepare furniture when moving before the packers start the packing process.

Significant House Moving Packing Tips

Following are some important moving house packing tips for your ready reference.

Gather Packing Supplies for moving heavy items and furniture

It’s a traditional myth that all you have to pack and guard your household belongings with the use of some cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrapping cover, and moving blankets. While these packing items will be in use, spending time and money in finding a few more packing materials will ensure the protected packing and shifting of your household items and furniture to a new home or office.

Important Packing materials

You can ask your packers and movers to bring the following materials with them along with supporting bill or they can include the cost in a single bill if they have the following items in their store.

  • Bubble Wrap cover
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Covers for Sofa and mattress
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets

Prep Furniture for Packing

Since most of the furniture, are costly and heavy, before packing the furniture, clean and wipe out dust from your furniture thoroughly. Remove out any casters, knobs, or pulls, drawers if any from your furniture. This allows you some more storage space while moving heavy furniture to the truck. Throughout the cleaning of the furniture, you can avoid unnecessary filth into your new home.

Disassemble the Furniture in Advance

It’s a wise idea to disassemble your furniture absolutely like removal of legs from tables and couches if possible so that it’ll be much easier to pack and carry in the truck within small space. Also, you need to separate bed frames, remove cushions, and other things to have safe packing and moving purposes. Within the required space, large size master beds could be placed for cost-saving shifting purposes. But, don’t forget to follow the user manual to disassemble furniture properly. Mark each packed lot with a marker about parts of furniture for easier unpacking purposes.

Place screws, nuts, and bolts inside labelled plastic baggies

You’re advised to use sealable plastic bags to carry the screws, nuts, bolts, and other mini hardware for each part of the furniture. Tape the plastic bag securely to the respective packed items not to lose any hardware. It’s a better idea to leave the task of packing a person to disassemble everything and packing in a proper way.

Learn How to Wrap Furniture Correctly

Here, you’ll know how to wrap wood furniture for moving securely throughout your relocation process. If you want DIY moving tips, use Bubble wrap, foam, and plastic sheets for safe and secured packing purposes. Bubble Wrap is an ideal packing material for packing glass tabletops, mirrors, and other glass materials for solid protection purposes and then put the packed item within two sheets of corrugated cardboard.

Also, bubble wrap is used to pack sensitive wood pieces securely and plastic wrap is used for the packing of the plastic sofa and upholstered items. Here, also put all the packed items within two corrugated cardboard sheets.

Have a Placement Plan

You need to plan for the systematic placement of items in trucks for an easier and safety carriage purpose. In this matter, the drivers or professionals have a better idea to place the items in the proper sequence. First, large boxes will be settled to the wall of the truck and then smaller boxes will be settled. And, the rest of the things will be settled at the right place, so that no chance of scratching and damage could be organized.

Explore valuation coverage and insurance options

Take precaution in advance for any large damage or damage of costly items, by initiating an insurance coverage plan. You could feel yourself little bit relax with advance provision. The damage may be occurred due to accidents or mistakes of loading and unloading team or any fire case. If you have high-value furniture, it’s a wise idea to sign in an insurance policy for secured provision.

Use special moving equipment for heavy furniture

You’re advised not to move heavy furniture by yourself. For movement or lifting of heavy furniture, it’s always advised to take the assistance of tools or labor, so the chance of breakage or damage will be less.

The larger size furniture pieces such as pianos, heavy chairs, and pool tables need some additional equipment like a dolly or hand truck, trailer, moving straps, and skid board.

Rent a moving truck/container with tie-downs and a ramp

You might rent a moving truck or container from your nearby city or can hire Packers and movers Company by handing over the entire responsibility to them. Your stress will be lowering down a lot.

Use furniture gliders, cardboard or towels to move furniture

In case you have hardwood floors, you need to use gliders, towels, felt pads, or cardboard underneath the legs of the heavy furniture. This approach prevents scratching your floors and furniture parts at the time of moving from/to the home.

Clear doorways

After loading or unloading the furniture and other items, it’s often advised to clear clutters from the doorways.

Hope, the readers could have a solid idea about the protection of furniture and other items at the time of shifting. You must know How to Pack Furniture For Moving of the complete house within Bangalore or other regions.


How to Hire A Professional Packing and Moving Company?

Basically, you must go through the right proven Ways To Find a Qualified Mover while looking for shifting to other regions in India such as Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. Every person definitely wishes the packers and movers to take proper care of their household items, work in a safe and proficient manner, and charge a fair cost for their moving services. The only approach to make this reality and make sure a smooth and painless relocation is to hire a qualified, professional, experienced, and trustworthy moving company.

Tips for Hiring Quality Movers

Following are some valuable Tips for Hiring Quality Movers in Bangalore and other cities across India.

Always take written quotes from various packing and moving companies

No doubt many scam companies are serving in the marketplace, who may offer you the low cost in beginning and once you decided to hire them, there might be some additional charges claimed by them for certain kinds of additional supporting services. Hence, you’re advised to collect a written estimate on paper or by email id from nearby multiple packers and movers in Bangalore and Never trust any companies without proper survey.

Never be in a rush at the time of assortment

It could be the wrong idea to choose the very first packers and movers you have asked, for shifting all your valuable goods. You are advised to conduct proper research on around 4 to 5 companies. First, ask for quotations from all listed companies, go through their online reviews, date of establishment, honesty, check with your known person, friends, and relatives if they have truly any experience in past.  Never forget to find out if the company has any severe complaints from previous customers. Before finalizing the deal, strict terms with the safety of your goods need to be considered by you on a priority basis.

Avoid remarkably low-cost movers

It might confuse you why different movers charge a different price for the same shifting requirements. But it’s true once you hire a cheap moving company you might be caught in trouble. As, these movers will start making excuses ( like, you are having too many goods to be moved, your new destination is so far for them, they don’t have suitable transportation, appropriate manpower, etc.) to pay you extra in the middle of your move. So instead of being stressed at the last time, it’s better to spend extra money on professional packers and movers Bangalore and be assured of safe shifting.

Verify your movers’ licensing credentials

The most important Things to Look for in a Moving Company are checking it’s documents like license and other authorized permit documents. As usual, the professional packers and movers are required by law to get registered and sanctioned to transport household items and cater to moving services. Make sure the movers company have either intrastate or interstate transportation license in order to fulfill your need. The intrastate moving company must have a state license with the SDTBCA and the interstate moving company must have a USDOT number issued by FMCSA.

Make sure your movers are fully bonded and liable for damage

Unlike every client, you need to make sure that the packers and movers in Hyderabad, Bangalore or other parts of India are completely liable for damage and bonded to pay the amount if any major damage occurred in transit or loading and unloading.

Find out if your selected moving company belongs to a movers’ association

Membership in an established and well-regarded moving organization in India emphasizes the reputation of the company. For instance, AMSA ensures that the company is bound by the federal laws, fetches the quality standards considered by it. Therefore, if the movers company you finalize hiring for your relocation holds an authorization from a highly regarded movers’ association, it is an assurance of dependability and professionalism.

Check the company’s business rating

Throughout the online platform, ratings become an important measure for a service provider to impress its clients. Positive ratings and prizes for specific service are among the most momentous proofs of dependability and high-quality a Packers and Movers Company can obtain. So, it’s highly recommended to check the following to Choose the Right Movers.

  • Confirm its official recognition;
  • Check to rate with the BBB;
  • Check for any awards or accolades for service won by the company;
  • Ask for references and suggestions.

Research the company’s online profile

Throughout the online review sites like MyMovingReviews and Yelp, etc., go through reviews left by previous clients of the selected company you decide hiring for your shifting purpose.

Research on the profile of the company through its website and look for proof of dependability, transparency, and competence. Check the license number, office address, or contact details like phone, email id, and social media ids.

Also, check with complaint sites like, and, for any past complaints.

Verify that the company has a legitimate place of business

Verify that the company has a legitimate place of business and visit the mover’s office in person (if possible). This will allow you to get a good idea of the general working environment in the company and check their facilities (specialized equipment, truck fleet, storage units, etc.).

Examine the movers’ paperwork

You’re advised to go through Company’s Paperwork cautiously with respect to survey details and quoted amount. Now, it’s your turn to compare the quote with others and finalize the deal from every angle in a proper way.

Make sure the movers company has provided all the mandatory documents such as order of service, valuation addendum, Bill of Lading, inventory lists, receipts, and many more. Go through them very vigilantly to confirm that the particulars of your shipment are clearly and openly stated in the papers. You’re advised not to sign on the papers unless you understand completely each and every terms and pricing method.

Hope, you must know well now how to choose a reliable moving company. You can hire best packers and movers in Pune, Bangalore or any other city in this way. For all your packing and moving services, check with Firstpick, we provide you with the list of professional packers and movers in all major cities of India.

How to Ease your Local Home Shifting Worries

Local House Shifting Checklist

Home shifting to a new locality with all your belongings can be a strenuous task. When thinking about strange surroundings, you may get emotional. The best mantra while shifting is to stay organized thereby avoiding any chaos. Though the shifting process can be time-consuming, you need to consider many things before shifting. This blog will ensure that your local shifting in Bangalore is a breeze. We have made the shifting process a piece of cake for you so that you can track and categorize as per the schedule of your move.

30 days before home shifting

 Planning ahead keeps your stress level at bay. So, plan one month before moving day to complete the tasks.

 1. Prepare a moving checklist

It is vital to prepare a moving checklist as it is not possible to remember all the tasks. Make a note of local home shifting tips below and utilize it as your moving checklist.

2. Look for packers and movers to get quotes

Identifying the right home shifting service is key to meet your home shifting needs. Find the right professionals who can pack and move your belongings safely and securely.  Spend some time to select the right movers in your locality.  Pick one and share your shifting requirements.

 3. Declutter and take inventory of all your items

Decluttering is the hardest job to do though it is unavoidable. Sort your things out and get rid of unnecessary items and stuff you haven’t used for a long time. If they are in good condition, give them off to your friends or family. You can help a charitable firm by donating them. Take inventory of the items before they get packed and make a detailed list of the moving items.

4.  Hire the right movers and packers in Bangalore for local shifting

After you have selected the right movers and packers, ask them to visit your home to discuss the home shifting requirements. They will do a quick survey so that you will get to know the accurate shifting charges.

 5.  Choose the day for moving

Plan your moving day during the weekdays or mid-month when the movers and packers charge less.

 6.  Update your new address

It is important that your mail communications also move along with you.  Ensure that you update your new address with banks, employer, post office, online shopping sites, etc.

 7.  Deep clean your new house

Before you move to your new house, you must deep clean the house. From windows and light fixtures to cabinets and sink, clean all that is needed to get rid of any pests or insects in your house.

8.  Safe shifting

Moving large goods like washing machines, refrigerators and furniture can be a real challenge. Get help by hiring professional movers while moving large goods and placing them in the appropriate position.

 7 days before home shifting

You have just got one week to get things organized. Use this week to go through this house shifting tips and house shifting checklist to get ready to move without any hassle.

 9.  Get prepared and organize important items and documents

Since you have already created a moving inventory and made a list of items you have for moving, it is time to pack those small items like toiletries, medications, clothes and laptop, cosmetics and so on. Also, organize important documents and papers into files and folders. And get rid of unimportant papers.

Keep all your essentials like passport, government-related documents, medical records, insurance documents and educational certificates in a folder. Keep them safely in a bag and ensure that these files or folders aren’t sent with the movers. If needed, make photocopies of important documents.

 10.  Pack valuables

Pack your valuables like jewellery and ornaments safely and make a note in your moving packing checklist so that you don’t forget it as they are worth a lot more.

 11.  Pack cleaning supplies

Pack a cleaning kit which should include a broom, mop, newspapers, paper towels, old rags and so on. Add this to your moving checklist.

12.  Disconnect electronic devices

Defrost the fridge and disconnect AC and other appliances on the day before the moving date.

Clean up the appliances before packing and unplug them. All the wires can be packed safely in Ziploc bags and labeled accordingly.

 13.  Switch utility services

Disconnect services like LPG Gas, electricity, water, milk, TV and newspaper from your old house and reconnect these utility services and get them transferred to your new location. This ensures the transition is as smooth as possible.

1 day before home shifting

You are almost here for home shifting. Do check with the checklist that you prepared and get things moving.

14.  Handle these items with care

Keep the bag packed with essentials, valuables and documents separate from the regular household goods. Ensure that this bag doesn’t get into the hands of movers for packing. You are going to keep this bag.

 15.  Keep the cash ready

You don’t have to run to the ATM to withdraw money if you have some cash handy.

Movers will help you pack and move to ensure a smooth relocation process.

On moving day

 16.  Guide the movers during loading

Let the movers pack the things that are required by you. And check whether they are using good quality material while packing. Double check all the rooms whether all the items are packed to get ready to move. Check the cupboard and drawers so that nothing is missed out. Help the movers to get to your destination.

 17.  Unload and unpack items

After reaching the new location, guide the movers to place the items in their respective places. The items will be unpacked by the packers and movers in Bangalore. You need to check whether the goods are unpacked safely without getting damaged.

Check if any of the items are damaged while moving. Plugin the appliances and check whether they are working properly. Don’t forget to unpack your essentials which has all your clothes, toiletries and so on.

1 day after home shifting

You have finally moved in. It is time to set up and settle down.

18.  Set up the rooms

Make a checklist and note down all the things you need to finish in 14 days. Set up a target and work hard to complete the task without any hassle.

19.  Meet and greet

Meet your neighbours and feel comfortable in getting to know them. Take time to explore the new locality and locate places like shopping malls, restaurants, grocery stores, and so on.

 7 days after home shifting

 Time flies fast. It’s been a week since you have been moved to this new location. And local shifting in Bangalore is not that hard as you thought of. With packers and movers in Bangalore for local shifting, your shifting will be smooth. Finish unpacking all the stuff and plan for a housewarming party.

We hope these local home shifting tips and moving house checklists are helpful for you to move smoothly without any problems. Choose the right movers to plan your relocation process efficiently within your budget!

Top 20 Packing Moving Tips and Tricks

Packing Moving Tips and Tricks

Shifting to a new home? Packing and shifting can be a tedious job. It requires a lot of time and effort. You should get all the packing materials, organize transport as well as labourers to pack, carry, and unpack all the items. It can be easy to forget important itemsas things could become hectic when you’re working on so many things. However, there are somethings that you need to make ready before you call the packers and movers in Bangalore. This blog lists the top 20 moving and packing tips and tricks that will help make your relocation streamlined and easy.

1. Declutter

The first tip for organized packing for a move is to declutter your home. If you have been living in a house for a long time, then you would have bought a lot of things. You may probably not be using most of those things now. So, spend a couple of weekends before your proposed relocation to declutter your home. By doing this first, you can save a lot of time and effort when you call the packers and movers in Chennai.

2. Make a list of the items

One of the best packing and moving tips is to make a list of the items. Making a list of the items will be easy once you’ve removed all the unwanted things from your home. In the list that you make, identify items that you can donate to the needy and things that you can sell.

3. Donate unnecessary items

After you’ve listed all the unwanted things, find places where you can donate them. You can give clothes, toys, books, and other stationary items to orphanages.

4. Sell things that you may not need

If you are moving to a place that is furnished, then you may not need some of the appliances and furniture that you already have. You can sell those things online for a price.

5. Find the best packers and movers

No matter which city you are in, you need to find the best packers and movers. FirstPick can help you find the best packers and movers in Mumbai or Chennai depending on where you are located.

6. Decide on a Day to move

After you’ve sorted out all your items and selected the best moving company, you need to decide on a day to move. You will need to consider your last date of rent or lease in the current accommodation and the earliest date that you can move into the new house. Relocation companies may charge you more for weekend or month end shifting. So, find out if there are different rates for different days before you plan the date.

7. Plan the best route to your new house

Another of the moving house packing tips is to plan the route. Once you’ve decided on the packers and movers, you should discuss the best route with them. When you’re planning the route, also check if there could be any possible diversions on the day you’re planning to shift.

8. Decide on a Day to Disconnect Services

Decide on a day to disconnect and transfer your cable tv, telephone, Wi-Fi, gas, and other services. The process can take some time, so it is best to start working on them at least two weeks before the actual relocation date. So, you will not miss these services when you go to your new home.

9. Change your address a week before

Talk to your bank, gas service provider, and other service providers and change your address. You would have probably availed local service providers. So, it will be easy to change now than later.

10. Sort and pack your important documents

During the packing and relocation, it can be easy for important documents to get mislaid or lost. So, before the moving people come in, you should sort and pack all your important documents, files, and certificates. Also, keep them in a bag that you can carry with you when you move.

11. Stop buying groceries a week before shifting

Once you’ve planned to shift, take stock of the groceries that you have. Make sure that you have enough to last till your day of shifting. If you have more groceries, then you will have more things to carry.

12. Take a photo of electronic appliances before you unplug them

No one will tell you the best way to pack for a move, especially when it comes to electronics and home appliances. The secret is to take a photo of the appliances before you unplug them. This way, you will know how to reconnect them when you go to your new house. Otherwise, you may probably waste a lot of time trying to understand the connections.

13. Defrost the fridge a day before you move

A day before you plan to shift, remove all the items from the fridge and defrost it.

14. Call in all your favours ahead

If you’ve made any payments, get the items or services before you leave the place. At the same time, if you have any favours, then make sure you call them before you leave the place.

15. Guide the moving staff while loading and unloading

Even if you get the best packers and movers in Bangalore or Chennai, you or someone responsible should overlook the packing process. Make sure that the large items are packed first, the delicate items are packed carefully, and everything is neatly arranged in the truck.

16. Have Ziploc bags handy

The packers and movers will come with all the necessary packaging materials. However, it would be helpful if you have Ziploc bags and polythene covers handy. It may be useful while packing smaller items and placing them in large cardboard boxes.

17. While unloading, assemble appliances and furniture first

While unloading, ask the moving people to first unload the large appliances and furniture. Assemble the furniture and place the electronics and appliances in the right places before unloading all the other items.

18. Pre-clean your new home’s kitchen and bathroom

Preferably, go to the new home a day or two before shifting and clean the place, especially the bathroom and kitchen. This is because these are the rooms that you will need to use first when you’re getting settled in your new home.

19. Buy groceries for the first day after the move

As you shift to your new home, buy the groceries that you will need for the next few days. After you’ve completely organized the kitchen, you can do a more thorough grocery shopping.

20. Do a check of all the items once they are unloaded

Remember the list of items that you made before you started packing. Now use that list to cross check if all the items have been shifted. Preferably do the check, (at least of the large appliances and furniture) when the moving people are still there. In case, anything seems to be missing, you can immediately check in the truck or your old house.

We hope that these best packing tips for moving will make your relocation process quick and easy. However, from experience we have found that the easiest way to pack and move is to hire the services of a reliable relocation company. Find the trusted packers and movers in your locality on FirstPick.